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The Cubs And Shelby Miller, Trade Target

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Switching the focus from free agency to trades, this Braves pitcher could be a fine pickup.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Having about exhausted the list of potential free agents that the Cubs might be interested in this offseason, let's turn our attention to players the Cubs might trade for.

I'm going to limit this series to two positions the Cubs most need: another starting pitcher and a center fielder.

Shelby Miller of the Braves fits the former category, and certainly would be a fine fit. Forget about the 6-17 won/loss record -- the Braves were a horrid team in 2015 and Miller was dead last among 124 qualified starters in run support per start, getting just a paltry 2.6 runs per start from his offense. (The Braves scored just 573 runs, matching their 2014 total which was their worst since 1939.)

So you'd imagine Miller would like to get out of there, though it wouldn't be his choice. The rest of his numbers were just fine. His 3.02 ERA ranked 11th in the National League and his 1.247 WHIP was 19th. The 3.02 ERA was reasonably close to his FIP of 3.45 and all of this helped him post 3.6 bWAR.

At age 25, Miller's best seasons are certainly still ahead of him. The Braves, for some unfathomable reason, seem determined to trade away just about anyone who could help them win games this year or going forward.

I'm not going to put potential deals out there. That's for you to suggest. Miller would be an excellent No. 3 starter behind Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester, on that I'm sure you agree.

So... your turn. Post suggested deals for Miller in the comments. Try to be realistic.