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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 24

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As we approach Thanksgiving, work is slowing down a bit.

These photos were taken Tuesday, November 24 between about 3:30 and 4 p.m., about the time work was stopping for the day, so little was going on. Except for the main gate demolition, most of the work now is largely hidden.Changes that I noticed this week: the front ticket window demo is complete, only six office windows visible at the far east of the main gate remain, likely comprising three of the original office spaces. One fronting panel north of the old marquee location remains in place, it must serve a purpose, at least temporarily, that enables it to survive. There is scaffolding along part the X-framework of exposed structural steel, some special attention must be required there. This seems to correspond with the location of the future west gate. There are wooden forms in place beneath the old center-field scoreboard for work there. Some new excavations are in place on Waveland at the Seminary intersection.

The wooden forms referred to in the caption of photo 6 appear to be in place to build the patio area that was described to me in the Tuesday session with Crane Kenney. The top two or three rows of seats at the top of the upper center-field bleachers will be removed to make room for this patio.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We'll have more photos here over the weekend.