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Happy Thanksgiving From BCB!

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There's lots of sports on TV today -- including baseball!

This won't be a typical BCB day as most of you will be spending the holiday with family and friends. Wherever you are, I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and don't eat too much... oh, who am I kidding? That's part of what this holiday is all about.

Once you are finished with your meal, if you're not into watching the NFL games that make up the bulk of holiday sports programming, CSN Chicago has an excellent selection of baseball games from this past year, including these two Cubs games that were among the most memorable of the season:

10:30 AM – "Cubs Classic: Cubs vs. Colorado (from July 27)– Down 9-8 heading into the bottom of the ninth, the heroics of NL "Rookie of the Year" Kris Bryant took center stage with a two-run, walk-off home run lifting the Cubs to yet another key victory.

2:00 PM – "Cubs Classic: Cubs at Cincinnati (from July 21)– In his first major league game, Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber proved the hype was worth the wait as he went 4-7 with two HR’s, which included a two-run game-tying shot in the 9th inning, along with an extra-inning, game-winning solo shot in the 13th inning, lifting the Cubs to a 5-4 win.

Times are Central, of course. (Important note: CSN's article is incorrect, as that game was not Schwarber's first MLB game, nor was it his first game playing the field in the majors, either.) Enjoy your holiday and BCB's regular programming, including the "Revisiting Victories" series of all the Cubs wins from 2015, will resume tomorrow.