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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 25

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Photos, and a few words of thanks from the photographer on Thanksgiving Day.

BCB's David Sameshima made a brief pre-Thanksgiving visit to Wrigley Field Wednesday, and filed this report:

I was able to take some photos on my way to work, and on my way home. The morning set of photos were taken through the window of a CTA bus. All the photos were taken with my pocket digital camera. I had to work quickly taking the afternoon set of photos. I was losing the light, and it was getting dark quickly. It's extremely tricky to take night photos with only a simple pocket camera.I would like to take a moment on Thanksgiving to thank all of those who helped me out earlier this year. Back in the spring, I had an accident with my monopod outside of the ballpark. I was able to borrow a monopod. I then had another accident the following week outside of the ballpark. In this one, my main camera was wrecked when it fell off the borrowed monopod crashing onto the sidewalk. This all happened on April 1. It was a pretty tragic April Fool's day for me.I was unemployed at the time, and could not afford to replace the camera, lens and monopod. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to replace the equipment. Thanks to some of you readers here, and help from other friends, I was able to replace the equipment with upgraded gear. A special thanks to #1 iowan cubs fan, who set up the Go Fund Fund Me account. Another special thanks to Al, who replaced the damaged monopod with a new one. I got to meet BCB reader #1 iowan cubs fan, who set up the GoFundMe campaign, a few times, when he traveled to Chicago to catch some games. Meeting him was never planned, either. He would just spot me outside, or inside the ballpark.I recently started a office new job downtown, so I won't have my weekdays open to make ballpark visits. I will still be visiting on weekends. My daily commute will take me by the ballpark, but I will normally just be carrying a basic pocket digital camera with me. With the limited daylight hours at this time of year, I will be limited to the type of photos I can take during my daily commute. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We'll have photos here over the weekend.