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The Cubs And Jose Quintana, Trade Target

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Would the White Sox actually trade him? They've done weirder things.

Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images

This is the guy I really want the Cubs to go after.

Jose Quintana turns 27 in January and is under contract through 2018. The three years from 2016-18 will cost the White Sox (or whoever can trade for him) $20.2 million, which is really nothing in today's market for a pitcher who has posted 12.9 bWAR over the last three seasons. The contract also has team options for $10.5 million in 2019 and $11.5 million in 2020 ($1 million buyout for each), which if Quintana keeps pitching the way he has over the last three years, will be one of the biggest bargains in the game.

So why would the White Sox trade him? They don't really think they can contend over the next couple of years, do they? Pitching has been one of their strengths over the last couple of seasons, although they ranked just 10th in the American League in runs allowed in 2015. Worse was their offense -- dead last in the A.L. with 622 runs and also at the bottom of the league in home runs (136). This, in a park that's become known as a launching pad over the last few years (eighth in HR park factor in 2015).

Quintana has been remarkably consistent over the last three years. He's made no fewer than 32 starts each year, thrown at least 200 innings, and the last two years his FIP was lower than his ERA. He's also one of the better-fielding pitchers in the A.L. And, he's lefthanded.

What's not to like? The cost would likely be high, but here's a guy who would be perhaps the best No. 3 starter in the National League if the Cubs could get him.

What would you give up to acquire Jose Quintana?