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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 26

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Thanksgiving was a quiet day at the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima made a brief visit to Wrigley Field on Thanksgiving morning. He filed this very brief report, and you'll see why:

I did make a quick visit to Wrigley Field, on Thanksgiving Day. I was only able to take photos at the front of the ballpark. It started raining around 10 minutes after I arrived. I was never able to take my planned walk around the ballpark.

These photos clearly show how much of the main entrance area has been demolished. For those of you who fear the renovations won't be the Wrigley Field you know, the outside facade is going to be reconstructed pretty much exactly as it was, except with a 1930s look to it. That's the point of much of this project being termed a "restoration," as it's intended to restore the look of the park as it was in its heyday in that era -- an era when the Cubs won four pennants. You surely wouldn't mind that over the next decade, I presume.

I particularly like photo 13 with the "CUBS WIN" spray-painted on one of the beams, and also photo 18, where the "PREMIER VIP ENTRANCE" sign has survived the demolition of just about everything around it.

David also visited the ballpark on Saturday. We'll have those photos here tomorrow.