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Cub Tracks Contemplates Free Agency

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The World Series is over. Everyone is hatching and cross-hatching new plans as teams are getting ready to play roster chicken. Free Agency filings have begun. Fur and feathers will probably fly before it's all over.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Hot Stove is warming up for the Chicago Cubs.


  • Options Aplenty as Cubs Eye Arms. The Chicago Cubs have $81 million committed and have a lot of directions to move in. Center field, starting pitching, free agents, trade options. Has video inserts from MLB Tonight, Theo Epstein, Phil Rogers.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Pitcher-by-Pitcher analysis. Has pitcher data and discussion of pitching needs.
  • Anthony Rizzo is a great cheerleader. Just ask the tiny cancer patient he visited before NLDS Game 3.
  • Seven Cubs filed for free agency. One retired. (You can probably guess the one, pretty easily.)


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