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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 28

Work continued Saturday at Wrigley Field.

Despite a holiday weekend going on, there was work taking place at Wrigley Field on Saturday afternoon. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report along with the photos:

I'm still seeing crazy vehicular and pedestrian traffic moves around the ballpark. Be careful, if you decide to make a visit to Wrigley, and many people are, even with the marquee gone for the winter.They do appear to have laid down a foundation for some type of structure on the east end of the broadcast lot (photos 41 and 42).They were still doing demolition work near the front of the ballpark. They were knocking down part of the structure over where the ticket windows were located.Gate Q, the knothole gate, is buttoned up tight (photo 30) and so there are no views into the ballpark from the street.I did manage to get a couple of views into the center field area, underneath the scoreboard, where work is taking place (photos 27, 47 and 48).There is a frame with what appears to be paint on it on the east end of the plaza office building. This is the space where the latest Cubs illustrations show a video board will be facing the plaza.No utility work was taking place out on the street. Workers inside the ballpark were going out on lunch, when I arrived. 

The most interesting of these new photos to me are the ones showing the work being done in the upper center-field bleachers and the frame for the video board on the plaza building. This rendering (click to embiggen):

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

... clearly shows where that frame matches the video board location on the rendering. I would assume that since that board will block any windows from any interior rooms in that part of the building, that those areas might be used for conference rooms or other rooms that don't necessarily need windows.

The upper center-field bleachers will have a patio, as revealed to us in the session with Crane Kenney last week. The wooden forms seen in those photos show that they appear to have already started work in that area.

We'll have more photos during the week.