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Cub Tracks Mulls Its Options

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Lots of ways to go. Let's look at them all in turn.

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From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

  • The Cubs appear to enter 2016 with about $120 million in payroll obligations. Could they go higher?

From ESPN Chicago:


  • Willson Contreras has come a long way. The minor-leaguer's steady improvement has him on-track to reach the Major Leagues in the next year or two. The switch from 3rd base to catcher has gone very well for Contreras.

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Position-by-position analysis: Catcher. The varied strengths and weaknesses of the Cubs' catching corps have them in better position than in the previous season. Kyle Schwarber needs to improve as a receiver, and Contreras will be in Chicago soon.
  • Adron Chambers suspended for "drug of abuse." 50-game suspension for the Cubs minor-leaguer, one of 92 suspensions for the year.
  • Relief Pitching: The analysis says that the Cubs need to shore up the position, with several key members possibly departing. The relief corps also logged a lot of innings.


  • John Arguello: The Second Wave: Factoring the next batch of prospects into the offseason decision making. Waves and waves...we know about that. The next wave may not have quite the same impact as the first. Catching, pitching, and the outfield are potentially trouble spots.
  • Brett Taylor: How The Cubs' hitters could get even better. Familiarity breeds contact. At least that's the theory put forth in this article.
  • Did the Cubs fix Fernando Rodney? Beyond the Box Score takes a look at the question. The Cubs changed Rodney's release point and it seems to have made a difference.
  • Eric Jokisch is impressed with Joe Maddon. The Cubs' minor-leaguer had plenty of good things to say about the Cubs' manager in this short article.
  • Willson Contreras' detailed approach makes the difference. Veterans in winter ball got him headed in the right direction. "Paying attention to details" is his mantra. He has a plan, and he loves the game.
  • Joe Maddon Tells It Like It Is. The Cubs' manager had some things to say to kids' coaches. He didn't mince words.
  • The Cubs' Offseason Wish List. Who needs to do what? Who should they look for? And how can they get them?

Food for Thought: