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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 5

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The construction crews are going in high gear in the nice weather.

I decided to take advantage of what's likely to be the last summerlike day in Chicago for a while to head over to Wrigley Field and see what was going on this morning with the ballpark construction project, since David Sameshima had told me he might not be able to make it for a couple of days.

I found the demolition and construction crews quite busy, even with very few people around watching the work, unlike Monday when quite a few curiosity-seekers gathered around the ballpark to see the removal of the marquee. You can see in photos 12 and 15 that the Cubs have placed a sign around the top of the park at the corner of Clark & Addison for passersby to know that the marquee is, in fact, going to be put back right where it was.

The work that surprised me most can be seen in photos 3 and 4. They're busy demolishing the walls around the restrooms on the ground-floor level of the bleachers. Whether this means the restrooms are going to be completely rebuilt, or simply have new walls constructed, I do not know. You can see in photo 8 the complete removal of seats in the terrace-box and terrace-reserved areas down the third-base line. The other side of the park is not visible from the street; it's possible that seats on that side have also been removed.

Photo 8 shows rolls of new sod (as well what looks like a few leftover pieces of old sod!) that will soon be placed on the field. You can also see fences have gone up already around the southeast corner of the park at Addison & Sheffield, and the north-side sidewalk on Addison is closed. Posts are up on Sheffield north of Addison, and holes have been drilled for similar posts on Waveland outside the bleachers. You can see the posts and the fencing that's going to be attached to those posts in photos 5 and 6.

One more interesting bit of work: photo 12 shows workers removing some of the decorative light fixtures that were over the main entrance. While I was leaving the park I saw a couple of these light globes on a cart, being driven into the Green Lot on Grace Street (photo 22). There's also now a huge hole dug into the broadcast lot on Waveland; unfortunately, I couldn't raise my camera high enough to get over the fence to take a photo of this. Waveland, incidentally, is now closed completely just east of Clark, across where the players' lot was this past season. It's open to traffic east of Seminary Avenue, where the firehouse is located.

David and I will continue to document the offseason work. One thing's almost for certain, though: there probably won't be a day as nice as Thursday weatherwise until spring.