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Let's Make A Cubs Fan Music Video

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BCB's Danny Rockett's 2015 Cubs Canon is almost in the can, but he needs your help to finish!

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2015 was one of the most memorable Cubs seasons in my lifetime. An overachieving class of handsome youngsters came to Chicago and went further than any sports pundit thought they could. I caught over 100 games live, traveled to dozens of cities, and played music in most of them. And though baseball season is over and we await another lovely Chicago winter, the music hasn't stopped. At least not for me. I've crowdsourced and produced a collection of original songs and parodies conceived and bankrolled by readers of BCB and listeners of the Cubs Podcasts, The Son Ranto Show, and Ivy Envy.

But I need your help to finish! Corey, of the Ivy Envy podcast, intimated to me that after the season ended that fateful Wednesday against the Mets, he felt like he was living inside a sad 1980s power ballad. After some rumination on what song parody would be best to convey our longing for Cubs baseball, we settled on "I'll Remember You" by Skid Row. So, I wrote and recorded the song, "I Am Missing You," and then had an idea for the video, that Cubs fans, like you, dear reader, would send me photos or videos of them and their friends and family, looking sad in Cubs gear. So please! Email me your videos at this address!

Please send the videos and photos by next Friday, November 13. Please shoot widescreen as high quality as you can, and I only need 10 seconds from everyone. Super easy! Flex your acting skills and show the world how you feel now that the 2015 Cubs season is over. Here's the song for inspiration. I had to sing really really high. Thus the look on my face...


Thanks to all who participated in producing this album through my Go Fund Me campaign so far . I'm only $189 from my original $1,000 goal. (Which means there are still songs available to produce if you have any ideas.) Let's keep the memory of this season alive through song all through the winter and into Spring Training of next year. If you want to participate, I'll keep the campaign active until the New Year, at which point, the 2016 Cubs Canon will begin!

I'm a bit behind and still have a couple more songs to write and produce for this 2015 album, but you can stream all 13 tracks I've finished so far for free. Once again. Thanks to all of you who got involved in this project. It was an incredibly special year, and I'm so thankful to all of you who helped keep the music alive this season!