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Rick Renteria Might Be The White Sox' New Bench Coach

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According to some reports, the former Cubs manager might have a new job.

This is my favorite photo of Rick Renteria as Cubs manager
This is my favorite photo of Rick Renteria as Cubs manager
Brian Kersey/Getty Images

Rick Renteria has been out of work for more than a year after the Cubs awkwardly dismissed him to hire Joe Maddon.

Don't feel sorry for RR. He got paid all year for doing ... well, whatever he was doing, because we haven't really heard anything from him. The Cubs did very, very well under Maddon.

There were rumors a week or so ago that Renteria was going to join with his old buddy Bud Black, who he had served under as bench coach with the Padres. Black was supposedly going to be hired as Nationals manager. Well, that didn't work out when the Nats cheaped out on Black.

So now, RR could be getting back into baseball on the South Side of Chicago, according to the Sun-Times:

The White Sox are close to naming a bench coach, with one major league source saying former Cubs manager Rick Renteria could be announced as manager Robin Ventura’s right-hand man in the next day or two as the general managers meetings get under way in Boca Raton, Fla.

Renteria did a decent job as Cubs manager with the talent he was given. He's still under contract through 2016 with the Cubs, though I suspect they'd get some salary relief if the Sox hire him. He was well-respected as a bench coach in San Diego and he has a reputation as working well with young players... which the Sox have some of, I guess. I'm not quite sure what direction the Sox are going in. It's entirely possible that Renteria winds up as White Sox manager, if not in 2016, then in 2017.

The Cubs and White Sox meet on four consecutive evenings in 2016, July 26-26 at the Cell, July 27-28 at Wrigley Field.