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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 9

The ballpark is starting to be shrouded. Literally.

These photos were taken Wednedsay, December 9, between 2 and 3 p.m. It was a very busy day, one of the busiest I've seen, at least regarding visible activity. More and more of the construction site is going under covers. Soon there will be, frankly, little to see. The grand unveiling in April should be a dramatic sight indeed.Work continues on the groundskeeper's cottage, there is new sewer work on Addison, traffic is one lane between Sheffield and Clark, construction workers are handling the flow.The excavation for the sewer project reveals some interesting things about the substrate on which Wrigley is built. Photos 15 and 16 show the displaced soil, if you have been following this project from the start you have seen this often. The soil is bright yellow, it has a very high sand composition. If you have approached Wrigley from the west or east you have noticed that the ballpark sits on a rise, along the top of which Clark Street runs. This is an ancient shoreline of Lake Michigan, left by the last Ice Age glaciers, the lake itself has gradually retreated to the east. This area of the old shoreline is called the Graceland Spit. The combination of high ground, sandy soil, and good drainage attracted entrepreneurs, both sacred and secular, for an eminently practical purpose.When Chicago banned new burials within the city limits in 1860, the Clark Street (then Green Bay Road) ridge was developed into cemeteries. There are nine in all (four Hebrew cemeteries, Wunder's, Graceland, St. Boniface, Rosehill, Calvary) along the sandy ridges in the seven miles immediately north of Wrigley, none of which were within the Chicago city limits when they were founded. It might seem fitting, in a sardonic manner, to note that the Cubs share their geologic basement with graveyards.There was a very minor fire call in the 3700 block of Sheffield during my visit, some pics of that also.

One thing the work crews have this year that they didn't have at this time a year ago is spectacularly good weather for December. This should allow the project to continue at a good pace so that everything is ready for Opening Day.

We'll have more photos coming soon.