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Introducing New Cubs Righthander Adam Warren

A few words about the Cubs' latest pitching acquisition.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Cubs have a new pitcher, Adam Warren, acquired in the Starlin Castro deal. I asked Jason Cohen of SB Nation's Yankees site Pinstripe Alley to tell us a little bit about Warren. Here's what he wrote:

Adam Warren is a guy who's probably replaceable, but will still be sorely missed. He started off as someone who was nearly indistinguishable from David Phelps. They moved through the system together, they were always compared to one another, they debuted at around the same time. But Phelps was traded and struggled and Warren stayed and turned into something special. He was the rare breed who could pitch well in relief, but also get the job done as a starter. He'll never be a closer or anything but a fifth starter, but somehow, when he was needed, he always delivered. His stuff isn’t the best, but he can keep hitters off balance enough that it works for him. 

As far as clubhouse presence is concerned, he’s probably been the most vanilla member of the Yankees over the last few seasons, which is saying something when you have Mark Teixeira on your team. He was recently in a commercial with Brett Gardner and it probably perfectly embodied what he was on the team -– a confused onlooker. He did his job, got no attention, and everyone else around him did a bunch of weird stuff. It was great.

Now that he’s on the Cubs, I imagine they’ll try him out as a full-time starter –- and he deserves the shot -– however, I don’t know if he will be able to routinely go out there and be a starting pitcher. He can sustain the workload, but I think hitters will figure him out and sink him. If he has to fall back into a relief role, that’s not a bad thing. He definitely has set-up man potential. We’ll just have to see how he does in the National League. He could end up as one of the best fifth starters in baseball.

In case you're wondering about that Gardner/Warren commercial, here it is:

Warren ought to fit right into Joe Maddon's clubhouse. Welcome to Chicago, Adam. You're going to like it here.