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Jason Heyward Chooses The Cubs; Contract Details To Come

The former Cardinals outfielder will be playing on the North Side for several years. Just how many, and for how many dollars, isn't known yet.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

UPDATE: Various reports from national writers confirmed Heyward chose the Cubs, after this original article was published. When contract details are available, another post will be made.

Here's all we know so far about Jason Heyward's choice:

Besides the Cubs and Cardinals, the Nationals and Angels have been reported to be after Heyward. Here's some information from the usually-reliable Ken Rosenthal that it's not going to be the Cardinals:

I would imagine we'll find out quite soon which of the other three teams Heyward has chosen to play for and for how many years. I think I've made it pretty clear in past posts that I'd prefer the Cubs pass on Heyward, but I know many of you would like to have him in blue pinstripes.

Stay tuned. We should know soon.