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Cub Tracks Is On Top Of Things

The Hot Stove got LIT UP this week. Go Cubs Go!

David McNew/Getty Images

Are we having fun yet? The Hot Stove went nucular. The Cubs could already hit like the Hulk and hurl meteorites in their spare time. Now they're even more better. John Lackey, Adam Warren, Ben Zobrist, and Jason Heyward have arrived, and Starlin Castro has departed. We're sorry to see Starlin go, but...meanwhile, back on the range...

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

From ESPN Chicago:


From the Chicago Tribune:

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From Cubs Den:

From Bleacher Nation:

From Cubs Insider:


Can we start spring training now?

Food for thought:

* The answer should be pretty obvious, since this is a Cubs site!