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Cub Tracks Masters Reality

Blue Kool-Aid is the stuff for me.

Ozzy Osbourne at Wrigley Field, August 17, 2003
Ozzy Osbourne at Wrigley Field, August 17, 2003
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Uh-HAH! Huh-uh-huh-uh-uh...

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

  • Kris Bryant on Cubs' splashy additions: "It says a lot about the organization." Kris speaks BlackHawk too. Anthony Rizzo doubtless approves. "Or-gan-eye-za-tion," agrees Bob Pulford. "...I can’t wait for next year," finishes Bryant.
  • Cubs owner Tom Ricketts: "Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer executed plan A." I wish my dastardly plans for world domination went this well, even on paper. "I don’t tell them to stop or go," Ricketts said. Fun. Includes interview with Mully and Haney [AUDIO].
  • Cubs sign RHP Trevor Cahill to new deal. It's official. Sinker specialist returns for possible swingman role.
  • Kris Bryant, Bryce Harper to be given ceremonial keys to Las Vegas. Pete Rose unavailable for comment. (too soon?) The native sons grew up playing together and against each other. The ceremony is Saturday.

From ESPN Chicago:

  • David Schoenfield: Jason Heyward's contract and that 2016 lineup. Lots of data and discussion from Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus, that says that the Cubs are going to be good in 2016.
  • Buster Olney [Insider - $]: Zobrist, Heyward signings underline Cubs' focus on winning NOW. The Cubs didn't have to invest the largest contract in the history of the franchise to put themselves in position to contend for a title.But it won't hurt. Or will it?


From the Chicago Tribune:

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From Cubs Den:

From Bleacher Nation:

From Cubs Insider:


Food for thought:

Til next time-I'm off to make some Kool-Aid.