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The Cubs Christmas Album

The Cubs have released a Christmas Album and BCB's Danny Rockett got his hands on a pre-release! (Hint: not really!)

Yes, the Cubs once had a real player named Steve Christmas (1986)
Yes, the Cubs once had a real player named Steve Christmas (1986)

Except for a severe lack of baseball, It's the most wonderful time of the year! And to celebrate the season, the Chicago Cubs have released "The Cubs Christmas Album!" Featuring Tom Ricketts, Third-Base Coach Gary Jones and The Great Sends, plus the Cubs Bullpen sings! This album will have helmets rubbing all the way through the holiday season!

Just kidding. It's me pretending I'm all these people with a Christmas parody video. And as far as Christmas traditions go, I think this one will be mine.  Heck. I made this Cubs Christmas Album last year, so two years can make a tradition, right? Last year's album video is worth checking out to see how far the Cubs have come in just a year. Last year's is a totally different vibe. Mostly ridicule.

But this year, we Cubs fans have a lot to be thankful for as we say goodbye to 2015. Even after overachieving during the year with our handsome youngster rookies, the Cubs have given us something to cheer about this winter by winning the ofseason. We are truly the luckiest fans on the planet. With that, enjoy "The Cubs Christmas Album!!