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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 12-14

An entire weekend's worth of photos all in one place!

Apologies for the delay in getting these photos posted. First, David Sameshima has been busy with other work and hadn't been able to get me the photos from Saturday until now.

The other 21 were taken by Mike Bojanowski, so this update covers Saturday, Sunday and Monday. David's photos are of the building that's going up in the broadcast lot. This will house the connections needed for the TV trucks that park in that lot to get to the ballpark; the cables that were over the temporary "bridge" over Waveland during the 2015 season will be buried underground.

Here's Mike's report:

My photos were taken Sunday, December 13, and Monday, December 14. Sunday offers opportunities not available on other days, as the chainlink fence can be approached with impunity, and camera lenses poked through the openings with great abandon.The groundskeeper's cottage is now walled on all four sides, with attachments evident to the main structure. The lower floors of the plaza building are being shrouded in the manner of the rest of the site.

I am having trouble inserting the captions on each of these photos in the normal spot. So, instead, I'll put the captions and photo credits here. Photos 1-6 were taken Saturday, December 12 by David Sameshima; photos 7-23 Sunday, December 13 and 24-27 Monday, December 14 by Mike Bojanowski.

 1: Broadcast lot 2: Broadcast lot 3: Broadcast lot 4: Broadcast lot 5: Broadcast lot 6: Area around the right-field corner 7: The excavation at Clark & Waveland is now mostly paved over. 8: One small hole in the street remains. 9: A look down the hole.10: Some of the replaced infrastructure, appears to have needed it.11: An accurate description of the merchandise.12: A look through the Clark Street gate.13: An unpublicized clause in our new free agent outfielder's contract awards a thinly-disguised percentage of the construction business (and they spelled his name wrong, too!)14: New covers in progress along the west frontage.15: Main gate from across Clark.16: Original offices, which will apparently survive this phase of the reconstruction. These date from 1914. Most of the demolished offices had been of later date, however, all dated from at least the early 1930s.17: Main gate, view through the chainlink.18: A look east along Addison.19: Gate D.20: Groundskeeper's cottage, from across the street.21: Groundskeeper's cottage, through the chainlink, the new foundation, replacement brick, and new attachment to the main structure are readily apparent. The new brickwork may indicate that the ultimate intention is to retain the overpainted white. Stripped brick on the west wall is brown.22: Media building, looking west down Waveland.23: Media building, view from Seminary.24: Work on the grill behind the right-field video board, with stained ceilings evident, perhaps cleaning or replacement work is in progress.25: View through the Clark St. gate.26: View north through the southwest gate, new rear wall of the cottage can be seen.27: The shrouded park can be a startling sight on approach.

Now, here's a teaser for tomorrow. I've got a photoset coming Thursday that will give a view of this project that has not been seen before -- either here or anywhere else, to my knowledge. No further hints! You'll just have to come back to BCB tomorrow to see it.