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John Baker Rejoins Cubs As Baseball Operations Assistant

Baker was well-loved as a 2014 Cubs backup catcher -- and pitcher. Now he's back.

Brian Kersey/Getty Images

The best memory any of you will likely have of John Baker is him pitching in the 16th inning against the Rockies at Wrigley Field July 29, 2014 -- at nearly 1:30 in the morning:

Not only did he pitch well, but a few moments later he scored the winning run in the game:

I was one of those who stayed till the end, which happened at 1:34 a.m. The game time, six hours, 27 minutes, is the longest by time in Cubs history, and 19th-longest in major-league history

Baker seems like a great clubhouse guy, a solid presence; he's very active on Twitter interacting with fans. Thursday, the Cubs announced that he's returning to the organization as a "baseball operations assistant." Here's what the Cubs say his duties will be:

In his new role with the organization, Baker will contribute to all elements within the club’s baseball operations department, including player development and scouting with an eye towards catching and mental skills. He will visit the club’s affiliates to work with the minor league players on and off the field, evaluate amateur players leading up to the draft, and spend time around the major league club among additional responsibilities and opportunities. 

I would not be surprised if he also wound up at spring training as an instructor.

For his part, Baker tweeted his excitement at returning to the Cubs:

Welcome back, @manbearwolf (his Twitter handle). Hope you're bringing your guitar along.