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Cubs Post Preliminary 2016 Promotion Schedule

Here's an early list of bobbleheads and other Cubs giveaways for 2016.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With little fanfare and no press release, the Cubs quietly posted their 2016 promotional schedule on the team's website.

Included in the list of giveaways are a Jake Arrieta "Cy Young" bobblehead, a Kris Bryant "Rookie of the Year" bobblehead, and a Joe Maddon "Manager of the Year" bobblehead. There's also an Anthony Rizzo "Tarp Catch" bobblehead listed -- that one ought to be fun.

There are several cap, T-shirt and kids giveaways listed, along with six "Bud Friday" promotions that are exclusive to bleacher fans.

In the past, promotions have been listed as being given to the "first 30,000 fans" (or whatever number is listed) for any specific giveaway. The link above lists various promotions as being available to:

Up to 30,000 early arriving fans

... or various other numbers depending on the giveaway. I'm not sure why the change in wording or exactly what it means, but a quick perusal of some other team websites that already have 2016 promotional lists up indicates that this wording appears to be unique to the Cubs.

In general, further promotional information has been available at the Cubs Convention, so I'd expect more details at that time.