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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 1

This set also includes some photos taken November 29.

BCB's Mike Bojanowski went to Wrigley Field twice over the last few days to check out the ongoing demolition/reconstruction work. I think we can safely say that most of the demo work is done, although it appears some of the original offices remain to be taken out, and now restoration and reconstruction is beginning. Mike sent me some comments, which I compiled into this report.

All of the photos were taken December 1, except photos 1 and 4.

Work has begun on the restoration of the groundskeeper's cottage. Mike notes that a new foundation of wooden forms is in place, and in one side corner the paint has been removed from the brickwork, perhaps as a test for later, more extensive stripping. There has also been some tuckpointing/replacement. Although not accessible to the camera, work was taking place inside the building as well.

You can see in photos 7, 8 and 9 that the scaffolding that was behind the exposed steel "X" framework on the west side of the ballpark has been removed, revealing that the steel has been refurbished and primed.

The area around the main entrance looks pretty much the same as it has for a week or so now, except as noted above, some original office windows remain.

The much-maligned (and doomed) concrete fronting panels are now among the oldest survivng elements of the park, nearly 60 years old. It appears some original steel will be replaced when the new corner buildings are added.

Some work is clearly going on in the bleacher ramp area, as you can see in photo 22 -- there's scaffolding visible. We already know there's a patio under construction under the scoreboard as shown in previous updates. Some of the concrete on the ramp (as well as the concrete in center field) is original, nearly 80 years old, and likely is being replaced.

There is a tree-lighting ceremony, open to the public, scheduled outside the Cubs Store where the tree is located, this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. You are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy to put under the tree; these will benefit families of Children's Home and Aid Society. If you can't make the tree-lighting ceremony and want to donate a toy, you can do that at the Cubs Store any time before Thursday's ceremony.

We'll have more later in the week.