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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 16-20

Catching up on work at the ballpark last week.

I took multiple photos at the ballpark from December 16-20. It was busy all through these days, even Sunday. The heavy shrouding over the main gate, which seemed destined to last until spring, lasted only a few weeks. Some of it came down early last week, most of the rest, still in place Saturday at noon, was gone by the same time Sunday, and the scaffolding that had supported it was in process of disassembly.The only major difference visually in the newly uncovered facade seems to be the refubishing and priming of the structural steel, especially the verticals. No replacements are apparent.This is not quite the case along the west front, where the steel has been undergoing a sheathing process that resurfaces the original girders. This is likely in preparation for the eventual erection of the ornamental ironwork, a much anticipated event. Also, the much maligned, but temporarily necessary, cable bridge above Waveland is history. It came down completely sometime Saturday.

The excavation at the corner of Waveland & Seminary (photo 45) is likely for the burying of the broadcast cables, for them to lead from the building under construction into the ballpark. Live trucks would then plug into available receptacles within the under-construction "media building."

We'll have more photos later this week.