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Cub Tracks Adds Spice And A Little Heat

Wars of words, fought with unfettered letters.

Soler Power!
Soler Power!
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Brought to you by Wayward Heyward courtesy of Soler Power Co.

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

  • Tony Andracki: Cardinals don't appreciate Jason Heyward's reason for signing with the Cubs. Tempest-in-a-teapot department. "The Cubs-Cardinals rivalry has already started to heat up and we're not even into January yet...2016 is going to be fun, you guys." Includes [VIDEO].
  • Joe Maddon on Cubs/Cardinals rivalry: "It's good for baseball." [VIDEO]

From CBS Chicago:

  • Bruce Levine: Are the Cubs done shopping? "The holiday season is upon us, as is the end of another year. That means that spring training is only two months away...Theo Epstein sounded like a man content with his 2016 club when he joined 670 The Score's Inside the Clubhouse show on Saturday morning." Includes [AUDIO].


From Cubs Den:

  • Jared Wyllys: How much have the Cubs improved? Part one - Pitching. "The quiet strength of this team in 2016 will come from their pitching." Analysis of Cubs' staff and prospects.
  • John Arguello: Cubs putting stock in Jorge Soler. "The Cubs understandably are enamored with Soler's offensive potential." What does that mean, exactly? Let's find out.

From Bleacher Nation:

  • Brett Taylor: The offensive upgrade from Dexter Fowler to Jason Heyward is also significant. "...Heyward has a huge lead in offensive runs above average (94.5 to 50.3)." And then...comparison and analysis.

From Cubs Insider:


Food for thought: