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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 22

The project continues, albeit slowly.

Not much has happened since the last photoset in this ongoing series. Nevertheless, BCB's Mike Bojanowski headed over to Wrigley Field Tuesday to check out the renovation project and filed this report:

These photos were taken Tuesday, Decemeber 22 in the late afternoon. It was generally busy, but there's not much change to report. The shrouding and scaffolding at the main gate area are down. Some new covering has gone up along the west front. The bleacher area, though heavily covered, is the scene of a lot of activity, dumpsters are regularly filled with debris, and heavy equipment enters and exits frequently.Construction seems to be at a sort of crossroads, further developments are awaited.

Just a few comments from me -- though the scaffolding outside the main gate area has been taken down, there appears to be (photos 4 and 5) new scaffolding going up inside the ballpark. This would appear to be in preparation for the construction phase of the project. In comparison to last year, the workers have to be pleased that the weather has been generally cooperative. I'd think that has made this project go faster than they might have planned.

We'll have more photos here later in the week.