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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 24

Here's what the ballpark looked like on Christmas Eve.

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field about midday on Thursday, which was Christmas Eve. It appears that most of the workers had finished their work for the day on that holiday eve, since there's little evidence of any work going on then.

You can see scaffolding beginning to be erected inside the main entrance area in preparation for more work there. The preliminary work on the existing steel beams in that area appears to be complete.

At the plaza building, wrap has begun to be placed on the first floor, apparently in preparation to begin interior work there. Remember that building isn't expected to open until after the 2016 season is over.

I'm most interested in what's going on in the broadcast lot. The building there, which will house equipment for broadcast trucks to plug into, is taking on quite a large size. The north end of it backs up to the garage behind the first house on the east side of Clifton Avenue (photo 44).

In photos 46 and 47 you can see some of the areas in which cables will eventually be run underneath Waveland Avenue to connect the broadcast trucks with the ballpark.

There was no work scheduled on Christmas Day, according to an email sent out by the Cubs (and there won't be any on New Year's Day, either). We'll have more photos here later in the week.