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Cub Tracks Goes Minimalist

Links and information for your perusal.

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Let's don't do this again.
Let's don't do this again.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Just not very many of them.

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

From ESPN Chicago:

  • David Schoenfield: Path to the playoffs: NL Central. "While the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds are taking a step back into rebuilding mode, the top three teams could once again all make the postseason." How they might do it and how they stack up is what it's about.


From Bleacher Nation:

  • Brett Taylor: Cuban superprospect Lazaro Armenteros (also known as "Lazarito") will work out January 8: get to know him. "Even if he is available to the Cubs based on timing, whether they go aggressively after Lazarito remains to be seen."


  • Chicago Cubs rumors: Manny Parra edition. "If the Cubs are looking for one more arm, they should consider Manny Parra." Why? Read on.
  • The Cubs like the position depth of the current roster. And well they should. So why is this remarkable?  ""I think we feel comfortable going into the season with our current team and feel like the attrition of the season, the length of the season, we will be happy we have a lot of depth," says Jed Hoyer.

Food for thought: