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The Cubs And Kevin Pillar, Trade Target

Would the Blue Jays trade their center fielder for bullpen help?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you watched much of the American League Championship Series, you know that the Blue Jays' biggest problem there (and for much of last year) was their bullpen. The Jays had multiple bullpen meltdowns in that series, ruining both of David Price's starts and their chance at the World Series.

The Jays were also 15-28 in one-run games in 2015 and had 22 blown saves -- those are horrifying numbers for a team that won 93 games. They basically bludgeoned their opponents into submission by scoring 127 runs more than anyone else.

So perhaps they'd trade one of their hitters -- since they appear to have a surplus of those -- for some relief help? Ben Revere, who the Jays acquired last summer, played mostly left field, but certainly could take over in center if the Jays traded Pillar.

Kevin Pillar -- seems like there are a lot of CF around named Kevin these days -- had an excellent season in his first full year as Toronto's center fielder. He hit .278/.314/.399 with 12 home runs and 25 stolen bases (and just four caught stealing) and produced 5.2 bWAR. He's as solid as they come defensively.

I'd think the Jays would be interested in someone like Pedro Strop, who's likely tradeable. Obviously, it would take more than Strop to get Pillar. Who would you add to such a deal?

Pillar, though he would solve the Cubs' center-field problem, would not solve the leadoff void left by the departure of Dexter Fowler. He walked just 28 times (and struck out 85) and had an on-base percentage of .314. He turns 27 in January, so perhaps this is something Cubs hitting coach John Mallee could work with if the Cubs could deal for him. Another possible bonus in getting him: he's not arb-eligible until 2018.

Pillar's put together a nice career so far for someone who was a 32nd-round draft pick (2011). Billy Burns of the Athletics is the only other player drafted in that round who's played in the big leagues.

So, here's your chance. Propose a realistic deal for Pillar.