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Cub Tracks Boards That Hell-Bound Train

and enters the Cubbie Zone.

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Submitted for your approval, with apologies to Robert Bloch.

From CBS Chicago:

From ESPN Chicago:

  • Jayson Stark: MLB's strange but true postseason feats of 2015. "In Game 3 of the Division Series, their 1-2-3-4-5-6 hitters all homered. In one day." Plus Kyle Schwarber's powerball, Jake Arrieta's baserunning exploits, and a streaking Jorge Soler.
  • Doug Kern: Kernels: A review of the most unusual MLB stats in 2015. "The year of the triple", "all's well that ends well", and "pitchers who rake" re-live 2015 Cub moments.
  • Stark: Strange but true feats of 2015. "How downright illogical was the ever-unpredictable sport of baseball in 2015?" Mike Marshall said "Baseball is an ass." How right was he? For example, David Ross managed to get through the year as the only catcher in baseball to homer as a pitcher but not as a catcher.


  • Gemma Kaneko: No more Bryzzo. Kris Bryant got engaged, so Anthony Rizzo gave up their friendship nickname. Might be Schwarbinated.
  • Adam Berry: NL Central trio dominated in 2015. The Cardinals, the first 100-win team since 2011, stormed through the season with baseball's best record. In any other division, the Pirates and Cubs would have been crowned champions.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From Cubs Den:

  • John Arguello: Cubs front office continues to place premium on mental makeup. The Cubs do thorough background checks on their prospective players -- that extends from the lowest levels of the minors all the way to the highest level free agents. "When the Cubs make a big investment, they invest in the whole person, not just the player."

From Bleacher Nation:

From Cubs Insider:


  • Second Coming: The next wave of Cubs prospects. Zach Bernard reports on the still-rich farm system.
  • Cubs player profile: Justin Grimm. Nate Greabe imparts details about the Cubs' relief pitcher. This past summer was Grimm’s second full year pitching out of the Cubs’ bullpen.
  • How should the Cubs use Javier Baez in 2016? Joshua Sadlock opines. "Even before the signing of Zobrist, Baez’s role with the Cubs was up in the air."

Food for thought:

Wait 'til next year!