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Cubs Sign John Lackey To 2-Year Deal

For those of you who wanted this, you got it. For those of you who didn't... let's hope it works.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

John Lackey is going to be a Chicago Cub for the next two years, according to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, who's usually accurate about these sorts of things:

The money seems pretty much in line for what a 37-year-old pitcher coming off the year that Lackey just had with the Cardinals: 2.77 ERA, 1.311 WHIP, 3.9 bWAR. For me, the key is "37-year-old pitcher." It just doesn't seem likely that Lackey will replicate that sort of season over the next two, but Theo & Co. are obviously convinced that he can. He's certainly been a part of quite a number of playoff teams: eight of them, including last year, and has been on two World Series winners (2002 Angels, 2013 Red Sox).

I have no doubt that Lackey's friendship with Jon Lester from the three-plus seasons they spent together in Boston had quite a bit to do with this, as well as Theo's familiarity with Lackey, having been the general manager in Boston who signed Lackey to the deal there.

Let's just say I'm somewhat skeptical that this will work. I hope I'm wrong. The Cubs will forfeit their first-round draft pick for this signing; they could wind up with a supplemental pick if Dexter Fowler signs elsewhere, but they're trying to bring him back. One thing this does accomplish is making the Cardinals weaker, as they will have to find someone to replace him in their rotation. So there's that, at least.

And this isn't even mentioning, though I will now, various reports over many years that Lackey is not a nice human being. I'd like to be wrong about that, too.

So... your turn. What do you think?