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Former Cub Jeff Samardzija Signs With Giants

The former Cub is heading to the Bay Area... again. Maybe now he can afford to rent an apartment in San Francisco.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The reported signing of Jeff Samardzija by the San Francisco Giants is in a way too bad, as if he had signed with the Cardinals (who were interested in him), it would have been a chance for the Cubs to face him as many as six times a year. Now it'll be twice at most (barring playoffs). Here's the deal:

Hm. Wonder what happened to that supposed "$100 million deal" that was on the table for him? He rejected that for less money? Why, I thought athletes always took the most money!

Sarcasm intended, in case you hadn't noticed. An interesting note about the Cubs' interest in Shark:

The AAV is just a bit more than the Cubs paid John Lackey for fewer years. Samardzija is six years younger than Lackey (he'll be 31 in January) and thus the longer offer from the Giants.

Hey, I wish him well, except when he faces the Cubs. He's been durable, and the only question is: why did he have such a horrendous 2015? The Giants are betting that was an aberration. He's going to a good pitcher's park -- that could help.

When Samardzija played for the Athletics in the second half of 2014, he said San Francisco rents are too damn high:

CSN Bay Area reports that upon signing with the A’s, Samardzija "sold his property in the Chicago area" [and] " spent half of one season living in the Bay Area, but it was plenty long enough for him to scoff at the cost of living in San Francisco."

"I guess I could have rented a place in San Francisco," Samardzija told USA Today, "but they were charging like $7,500 for a loft. I was like, ‘No chance, dude."’ Instead, for apparently less than $7500 a month, he stayed in a series of high-end hotels. "I could write a review on five-star hotels in San Francisco," he said. "Let’s see, I’d say The Four Seasons was the best, followed closely by the St. Regis. There were a lot of others tied for third place."

Basic math makes this story a little suspect in that a recent check of the Four Seasons shows a weekend rate on a basic king bed hotel room at $425 a night, not including taxes. In a 30-day month, that would run $12,750, again with no taxes. But then, you get a lot in a hotel: maid service, spa access, who knows what else they offer celebs who commit to extended stays. Perhaps the amenities on offer make the expense more "worth it" than a swanky loft rental like the one above, which offers two car parking and a hot tub on the roof deck.

Of course, that story has him "signing" with the A's when he was actually traded there.

You'd hope that with a deal that's paying him $18 million a year, he could afford a place in San Francisco for $7,500 a month.

We're not even to the Winter Meetings yet and three of the bigger pitching free agents have signed -- Samardzija, Lackey and Zack Greinke. Feel free to use this thread for FA discussion today, as the Lackey comment thread from Friday is getting kind of long.