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Trevor Cahill Re-Signs With Cubs

The Cubs pulled Cahill off the scrap heap last summer. Now, he'll be staying.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Cahill was once a very good pitcher. At age 22 he finished ninth in Cy Young voting while with the Athletics and was an All-Star. That was in 2010.

Injuries took their toll on Cahill and by the time the Cubs signed him as a free agent last August 18, three teams (Diamondbacks, Braves, Dodgers) had all dumped him during 2015.

Cahill was quite effective in relief for the Cubs down the stretch and in the postseason. Now, he's been re-signed to return for 2016, according to Ken Rosenthal:

This is an excellent move, in my view. Cahill turns 28 next March 1, has been an effective starter in the past, and quite possibly could be one again if properly stretched out. Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio has worked wonders in the past with pitchers like this and I have no doubt he can do it again. Even if he doesn't start for the Cubs, he could be quite useful as a bullpen swing-man.

My guess is that the Cubs did make him at least a promise that he'd be considered as a starter. I'm glad to have him back.

This signing, plus the signing of John Lackey, once they are official, leave the Cubs' 40-man roster at 39.