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Cubs Trade Rumors: Now 'Out' On Shelby Miller

The Cubs are talking to the Braves about the righthanded pitcher, according to overnight reports.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The first question I have is this: can't these people do business at a reasonable hour? Why have so many of this year's Winter Meetings rumors been posted in the middle of the night? Is anyone getting any sleep in Nashville?

All right, I'm joking (mostly). Here's what we know, sort of, about the Cubs' interest in Shelby Miller. The Cubs and Braves are close to a deal, says Gordon Wittenmyer of the Sun-Times:

Or... maybe they're not:

And maybe it's not Javier Baez who's going to be involved (or not):

Hey Gordo, I think someone's messing with you. Some comic relief:

Seriously: Sure, Shelby Miller would be a fine addition to the Cubs' starting rotation. It would mean they could possibly move Jason Hammel in a trade, or to the bullpen (although I doubt a move to the pen would make Hammel very happy, given his unhappiness with early exits from games in 2015). Javier Baez could be a very good player, but he is very young, and bringing back young talent in return for other young talent is one of the reasons you develop that young talent in the first place.

You can use this thread to discuss Winter Meetings rumors today, at least until something actually does happen for the Cubs.