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Cubs Sign Ben Zobrist For 4 Years

Joe Maddon loved Ben Zobrist in Tampa. Now let's hope he'll be just as good in Chicago.

Elsa/Getty Images

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, I located this interesting tweet regarding Ben Zobrist and Joe Maddon:

Clearly, Maddon loved Zobrist's versatility when he managed the Rays, and now, according to the usually-reliable Ken Rosenthal, Zobrist will be a Cub for the next four years:

That's actually not an unreasonable amount of money in today's market. The risk, of course, is Zobrist's age. The Cubs will be getting his age-35 through age-38 seasons. Zobrist had a good year in 2015 combined between the Athletics and Royals, hitting .276/.359/.450 with 13 home runs. That was worth just 1.9 bWAR, though.

Earlier tweets Tuesday indicated that the Cubs were trying to "sync up" a free-agent signing and a trade, as noted here:

This would make some sense. Zobrist, though he can play multiple positions -- he played second and third base and left and right field in 2015 -- might wind up as the Cubs' starting second baseman if the team can trade Castro. Also, that would help offset some of the money that's going to Zobrist.

All right, your turn.