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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 9

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Here's the last of our three-part Tuesday series bringing you up-to-date on Wrigley construction.

We now have for you the final of three photosets that BCB's David Sameshima sent in from Friday, Saturday, and Monday. These photos were taken Monday, February 9 and show work going on, but not all that much progress since Saturday. Here's David's report:

I arrived just after 3:00 p.m. It was 28 degrees (+17 wind chill). I had another bit of good timing Mondahy. As I arrived, a new section of steel was just going up on Waveland Avenue. It appears that I haven't missed much. They were working on putting up steel only one section over from where they were working on Saturday. It also appears that they are now working on dismantling the display board mounted along the front of the third base line upper deck. 

From what I've seen of these three photosets posted Tuesday, as I suspected, once the steel started going up, the job in its entirety would start going much faster. This steel structure, as you might have suspected, is far larger than the one it's replacing, and the narrowing of Waveland and Sheffield is significant. Those tour buses that used to go through on Waveland will have a tougher time negotiating the new road.

David did visit the ballpark Tuesday so we should have more photos here tomorrow.