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Let's Crowdsource A Cubs Victory Song: Final!

With help from BCB readers and the Ivy Envy podcast, the Tribune contest entry for a new Cubs victory song is complete!

A Crowd of Cubs Fans
A Crowd of Cubs Fans
Danny Rockett

The song that will likely NOT replace "Go Cubs Go" as the Cubs' victory song is in the can! Once again, this is just a contest for the Chicago Tribune, so please don't send me emails freaking out that "Go Cubs Go" is going away. It's not. You can't mess with an organically grown tradition. But I think it's wonderful that people all over Cubs Country are writing Cubs songs!

Thanks to all of you who contributed photos, voices, and lyric ideas. Cubs fans are the salt of the earth and your participation truly makes me feel as if I'm part of a large loving family. It was absolutely wonderful to see my inbox lighting up day after day with tracks and photos of all of you enjoying yourself at Wrigley Field.

The following people contributed to the song and video. There are so many people involved, It's like a Beyonce song!

Corey Fineran and family from the Ivy Envy Podcast, Sue Draper, Matt Shepherdson, Mike Herbeck, Debbie Harrison, Chris and Shannon Zaucha family, Pete Gobel, Jill Allen, Loren and Scott Freeman, Elijah Ampo, Tom Jackson, Chris Greer, Lucas Shaffer and family, Greg Swallow, Gary Kurtis, Steve and Rebecca Gerstung family, The Rob and Amy Speek family. And me!

Speaking of crowdsourcing, thanks to the readers of BCB, the "Coco Loco Dominican Grand Baseball Tour" is $75 away from being fully funded, as of late Wednesday! I went and found Coco Loco the other day and set it all up. I also rented a car starting Friday morning! Thanks to all who contributed! You guys rock!

If you missed it, the article to know what the heck I'm talking about now is here.

If we can get fully funded that would be great! Eight more people at $10 each is all it takes.

Coco promised me the trip of my life. Here's the first pic of the Grand Dominican Baseball Tour!

Coco loco and Rockett

Here comes trouble!!

Without further ado: "Let's Go Cubs!"