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Some Rooftop Owners Seek Temporary Restraining Order Against Cubs For Video Boards

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Oh, boy. Here we go again.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
The amount of time we have to spend here talking about legal issues is almost mind-boggling. Here we are, 52 days until Opening Night with construction on the new Wrigley Field bleachers and video boards well under way, and late Thursday, some Wrigleyville rooftop owners are seeking to stop construction:
The owners, led by Edward McCarthy, run the businesses at Lakeview Baseball Club, at 3633 N. Sheffield Ave., and Skybox at Sheffield, at 3627 N. Sheffield Ave. They filed a federal lawsuit last month against the Cubs, accusing the team of anti-competitive behavior and violating the terms of a 20-year contract that granted rooftop owners the right to sell tickets to games.

They are seeking a temporary restraining order to halt installation because they say their businesses will be destroyed before the case goes to trial.

"Simply put, without views into Wrigley Field there is no rooftop business — a fact that the Cubs organization has frequently pointed out while trying to strong-arm the plaintiffs and others into selling out," the suit said.

So these are the same people who filed the suit last month; they're now seeking a TRO to stop construction. The buildings in question are the ones on either side of the building with the billboard in the photo at the top of this post.

I'm not a lawyer so I'll defer to those here who are, but it seems to me that with construction well under way, a judge would be hesitant to stop the project, which has been approved by the appropriate governmental authorities.

The Tribune article says the Cubs are reviewing this and aren't commenting at this time. If they have any comment, I'll pass it along. But I thought you should know about this latest salvo fired by the rooftops.