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Gonzalez Germen Clears Waivers, Assigned To Iowa

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The righthanded reliever will stay in the system.

Elsa/Getty Images

Cubs reliever Gonzalez Germen cleared waivers Friday and will be assigned to Triple-A Iowa:

Germen was claimed by the Cubs on waivers from the Texas Rangers on January 23. The Cubs were his fourth 40-man roster of the off-season, having also spent time since last season ended with the Yankees and the Mets.

In fact, Germen spent time the last two years with the Mets, tossing a bit over 30 innings each campaign in just under 30 appearances. The plan was to attempt to get him through waivers before camp opens. Donn Roach and Logan Watkins also survived the waivers gauntlet this offseason, although an injury to Watkins will keep him out for all of this year.

Roach will likely join him at Iowa. Whether German will be called up is anyone's guess, as right-handed relief appears to be a strength of the 2015 Cubs. With a week until spring training opens, this figures to be the last Roster Jenga move before spring training begins.

Finally, Germen's No. 71 is already assigned in camp (Hunter Cervenka) so he'll have to choose a different spring number.