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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 13

Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

As promised earlier today, here are the photos from BCB's David Sameshima from Friday afternoon, along with his report on the work:

I arrived just after 3:30 pm Friday (wind chill +8 degrees). No steel work was taking place during my visit. There is a new substantial gravel pile under the marquee. The piIe must have been around 10 feet tall, near the height of the construction fences. I have a couple of photos of it here (photos 1-2). It was another busy day for concrete trucks, who were making frequent visits. There wasn't much activity along the bleachers during my visit. They were busy in the triangle lot and inside the ballpark. It appears that they are about to start dismantling the upper deck display sign along the first-base line, after having done the same with the one on the third-base side earlier in the week.

I've also included three photos taken by Mike Bojanowski on Friday in this photo set. We are now 50 days until Opening Night -- when the Jumbotron is supposed to be operational -- and 86 days until the scheduled opening of the bleachers on May 11.