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Ernie Banks' Sons, Caretaker In Dispute Over Will

Another story about Ernie I hate to have to report.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The dispute between Ernie Banks' fourth wife and his caretaker has gotten worse, now including his sons, according to this Associated Press article via CBS Local:

The twin sons of Ernie Banks asserted Monday that his agent and caretaker coerced the Chicago Cubs baseball great into signing a new will giving her all his assets.

In a statement released by their attorney, Jerry and Joey Banks said their father was ill at the time Regina Rice had him sign a power of attorney, a health care directive and a will giving everything to her.

“I find it quite interesting that she did not tell anyone that she had an attorney write up a new will,” Jerry Banks said.

The article goes on to say that Jerry and Joey Banks, who praised Regina Rice at Ernie's memorial service, had no idea she had Ernie draw up a new will last October. They also claim, according to the article, that Rice had limited their access and the access of Liz Banks, now considered Ernie's estranged wife, to the Cubs Hall of Famer.

It gives me no pleasure to report things like this about our beloved Mr. Cub. Nevertheless, this is a new development in this story and I feel obliged to pass it along to you. Let's hope there is an amicable agreement among everyone involved, soon, so Ernie truly can rest in peace.