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Cub Tracks Goes Under The Microscope

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Starlin Castro will draw a lot of focus in Spring Training. Crane Kenney has some messages for Cub fans. The farm system receives yet more accolades. Plus more Spring Training previews, home run trivia, and impractical weapons of war in Tuesday's Cub Tracks.

What exactly is Starlin Castro saying here?
What exactly is Starlin Castro saying here?
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the latest from around the web.

From Comcast SportsNet Chicago:


From ESPN Chicago:

From the Chicago Tribune via RedEye Chicago:

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From Chicago Cubs Online:

From Cubs Insider:


  • Here's a piece of trivia for which I didn't know the answer: Who was the pitcher that gave up Ernie Banks' 500th home run? The answer is Pat Jarvis, and from the way he answered the phone call for his interview with Justin Breen he probably gets asked about it a lot.
  • [VIDEO] Baseball historian John Thorn spoke with Brian Kenny during an episode of The Greatest Team on MLB Network. The question: Who was the better team, the 1907 Cubs or the 1939 New York Yankees?

Today's food for thought: