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The Coco Loco Dominican Baseball Tour Preview!

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BCB's Danny Rockett has returned from the Coco Loco Grand Dominican Baseball Tour with a few stories to tell.

Coco Loco attempts to gain entrance to the Cubs Dominican Facility
Coco Loco attempts to gain entrance to the Cubs Dominican Facility
Danny Rockett

First, I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say thanks for helping me fund the "Coco Loco Grand Dominican Baseball Tour." We were able to see all five professional stadiums, Bartolo Colon and Manny Acta's children's complexes and much much more of this beautiful country. And I owe it all to you and your generous donations!

The most amazing part of the trip by far was Coco Loco sweet-talking some Cubs coaches into letting us into the Cubs Dominican Training Facility, where I took many photos all around the complex. As far as I know, I am the only "reporter" to ever go inside. I can't wait to share the pics with you! I owe it all to Señor Loco!

But I have some bad news. After hours of editing the trip photos on my laptop the other night, of which there are over 1000 to go through, I heard a crazy cat fight below my apartment's roof deck. I stood up to see what the ruckus was about and the cheap plastic table on which I was working completely collapsed, sending my laptop and hard drive flying. My laptop seems to be okay. But the hard drive on which all the pictures were stored is toast. Luckily, I had not erased about 1000 photos off of my camera, but the pics and videos I took with my iPhone are gone. Not to mention the my entire last year of baseball traveling and this entire vacation so far. Ugh. I tried to back it all up right before I left, but the backup failed and I said to myself "It'll be fine". It wasn't.

Lucky for me, a lot of the baseball pics from last year are archived on BCB! And I'm incredibly grateful I had the foresight to not erase the pics of the trip off of my camera. Hopefully, I can send this broken hard drive into one of those fancy-shmancy data recovery places and get the pics back, but from what I've seen... it ain't cheap. I hope to get the iPhone photos back soon because I have some amazing footage of Coco Loco drunkenly singing. And all the pics of my $10 motel room were on there too. (Sad Trombone noise)

If anyone has any suggestions as to where I might be able to take/send the hard drive please email me at Any BCBers out there computer whizzes?

In the meantime, I have way more than enough material on the other camera to tell the tale, but my island internet speed is not conducive to the uploading of hundreds of photos and videos, so it's gonna have to wait until I return to Chi-beria Thursday night. In the meantime, I did upload a couple of preview videos (which took 2 hours) for you to enjoy!

This first video was taken at the Cubs training camp where there were chickens in the batting cages!

The second video was taken on a dirt road in Alta Mira, Coco Loco's hometown. We are listening to his family band, Banda Solida.

Just a little preview of what was a wacky and wild adventure en la Republica Dominicana! More to come!