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2015 Cubs Spring-Training Season Tickets

In just 15 days, the Cubs will play their first spring game of the year.

With only a bit more than two weeks before the Cubs open the 2015 spring-training season at Sloan Park, I thought you'd like to have a look at what the season tickets look like for the 15 spring-training games.

You can see who's most important to the team by who's featured on each ticket. Jon Lester is on three of the tickets -- nice Photoshop work, incidentally. If you didn't know what Lester would look like in a Cubs uniform before this, you certainly do now.

The Cubs will play 13 of the 14 Cactus League teams at Sloan Park this year; the only one they won't host is the Diamondbacks (the Cubs will play them at Talking Stick and also twice at Chase Field). Sloan Park will see two visits from the Padres and Reds. All the games are at 1:05 Arizona time except March 26 vs. the Angels at 4:05 Arizona time. (Note that AZ time is one hour behind Chicago until March 8, when most areas of the country except AZ go on Daylight Saving time. Starting March 8, Arizona is two hours behind Chicago.)

Click on the three images below to open a larger version in a new browser window or tab.

2015 spring training tickets #1

2015 spring training tickes #2

2015 spring training tickets #3