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Cubs Hire Kevin Youkilis As Special Assistant

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Yet another Red Sox-connected former player joins Theo & Co.

Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Kevin Youkilis was known, as a player, as the "Greek God of Walks." Even though he's not Greek, and even though he never again matched the 91 walks he drew his first full big-league season in 2006. (The nickname was bestowed in the minors -- check out his minor-league walk totals and OBPs from 2001-03.)

Youkilis was actually drafted by the Red Sox in 2001, before Theo Epstein was general manager there. Nevertheless, he was developed and brought to the major leagues under Theo's regime and now he's rejoining his former mentor:

There's no official word (via press release) from the Cubs as to what Youkilis' role will be for the team, but given that he's around camp and is a recently-retired player, I'd think he'll be around helping out during spring training trying to help Cubs hitters be more patient. Seems like a good signing to me.