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The Cubs Are Hiring A Disk Jockey

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Bet that's a headline you never thought you'd see here.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Your experience at Wrigley Field in 2015 will be very different with two video boards.

And the Cubs are hiring for multiple positions to run the video boards and related operations.

This job caught my eye (H/T: @AndrewJStone):

Job Title:  DJ

Department:  Marketing

Reports to: Wrigley Field Video Board Operations Manager                                                        


·         Mix audio sources (Music, Organ, Clips etc) to appropriate levels.

·         Prepare and execute playing of pre-game, in-game, situational and post game music selections.

Required Qualifications:

·         General knowledge of baseball and in-depth understanding of different situations throughout the game.

·         Understanding of Cubs fan base and Wrigley Field history.

·         Deep knowledge music, both current trends and classic hits.

·         Ability to commit to 60 or more games as need.

Chicago Cubs is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Despite the poor English ("as need"?) and mismatched verb ("Chicago Cubs is"?), this job is something never before seen for the Chicago Cubs. It's good that they're interested in knowledge of the Cubs, Cubs fans and Wrigley Field history. Maybe they'll even hire a true Cubs fan who can put his DJ abilities to use along with his love of the Cubs.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think this would be right up Danny Rockett's alley. When he gets back from the D.R., maybe he'll apply. There are other videoboard-related jobs at that link, if you're looking for work and are qualified.