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The 5 Most Beautiful Words In The English Language: 'Pitchers And Catchers Report Today!'

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Spring is just a bit closer to reality today.

Those of you suffering through another miserable Midwestern winter, know that spring is just a little bit closer today, the official reporting date for Cubs pitchers and catchers at the spring-training complex in Mesa, Arizona.

There won't be any official team activities today; the first full pitcher/catcher workout is scheduled for tomorrow, and I'm planning on heading over to Mesa to check out some of the action. The reporting date for position players is next Tuesday, Feb. 24, although many are already in town. The first full-squad workout will be the day after that, Wednesday, Feb. 25, and I'll go over to Mesa to watch that, too.

At 10 a.m. CT, BCB's Tim Huwe will have five key questions the Cubs need to answer this spring, and his possible answers to those questions.

Two weeks from today, the Cubs will play their first spring games of 2015, a split-squad, at home vs. the Athletics and away vs. the Giants. And just 45 days from now, the Cubs and Cardinals will take the field at Wrigley for the first-ever Opening Night.

Baseball. It's back, at last.