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South Bend Cubs Owner Reportedly Buying A Stake In The Chicago Cubs

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And then, there was a denial.

Courtesy South Bend Cubs

Some time ago, the Ricketts family announced they would be selling minority-ownership stakes in the Cubs, in part to help finance the $375 million expansion/renovation/restoration of Wrigley Field.

According to the Tribune, one of those stakes might have been sold:

Chicago businessman Andrew Berlin has told a business group in Indiana that he is purchasing a stake in the Cubs, according to a published report.

Berlin was in Elkhart, Ind. Thursday, speaking to the local chamber of commerce when he shared the news, the Elkhart Truth reported.

According to the story, Berlin, who owns the Cubs' Class A affiliate in South Bend, Ind., didn't provide any details about his ownership interest in the team.

Whoops! Not so fast, Andrew!

Not only is he a "Chicago fan," but he'll have to do something about this if he wants to own part of the Cubs:

He also is a limited partner with the White Sox, which would be problematical by normal MLB practices of not having an ownership interest in multiple teams.

It's not just a "normal MLB practice," it's been pretty much an ironclad rule for more than 100 years. What was termed syndicate baseball (the practice of owning part of multiple teams) was outlawed by the owners in 1899.

As always, we await further developments.