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When Did You Realize That Baseball Players Were Younger Than You?

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In which most of you can feel old. And we can envy those who don't.

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Let's date ourselves, shall we?

Craig Calcaterra took the retirement of Jason Giambi hard. With Giambi's retirement, there are only two players left in major league baseball older than he is, assuming that Julio Franco doesn't attempt another comeback. One of them is LaTroy Hawkins, who has announced that 2015 will be his final season. The other is Bartolo Colon, who has apparently discovered the secret to making chocolate donuts a magical anti-aging treatment. No, he's not going to share that secret with you. There are only so many chocolate donuts to go around.

It also got Calcaterra thinking about who the first major league player was who was younger than he was and figures that it was probably Ismael Valdez, who debuted in June 1994.

For me, and probably for many of you, those milestones have already long passed. For many years I could keep telling myself that I wasn't too old to have a major league career as Jamie Moyer was still older than I was. That all ended in 2012 when Moyer threw his last pitch in anger. Or maybe desperation. I'm sure Moyer had a lot of emotions going through his head the last time he took the mound.

On the other end of the spectrum, the first ballplayer who was younger than me was the immortal Miguel Garcia, who pitched the final 1⅔ innings for the California Angels on April 30, 1987. The Angels got blown out by the Tigers that day 12-4 and Garcia gave up four runs, three of which were earned. That apparently earned him a ticket back to the minors. He was traded to Pittsburgh for Johnny Ray later that season, where he came into the 9th inning of a 5-1 Astros win and got Ken Caminiti and Alan Ashby to fly out. That was his entire 1987 season in the majors. He'd pitch in one more game for the Pirates in 1988 and 11 games in 1989, throwing all of 20.2 innings in his career. That's it. His major league career was over at age 22.

The first player who played in the majors and actually stayed up who was younger than me was Gregg Jefferies.

Now that I've outed myself, it's your turn. For those of you old folks, tell us who the last ballplayer older than you. I'm guessing that many of you share Jamie Moyer with me. Others are hoping Colon pitches forever. Even the younger ones can play along on the other end, telling us how old you felt when Bryce Harper got the call to the majors or something.

For those of you feeling left out because all current major leaguer are older than you: Shut up. You've got your whole life ahead of yourselves. Don't rub it in on the rest of us. I guess if you really feel the need to share with us how old you're going to feel when Tyler Kolek makes the majors, go ahead.

To help you out if you don't know, you can go to this list of the oldest player in the majors each year and this list of the youngest players in each league. Now be aware that you might have to do some digging around on those lists, as there might be someone who was younger than you who made his debut early in the season and then an even younger player debuted later in the year.

Share the best that you can. There are no penalties for wrong answers. However, those of you who insist that you've been 29 for the past 15 years will be mocked.