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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 21

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David returns to Wrigley to find... not much has changed.

I finally returned to the ballpark on Saturday. There was a lot of traffic on Clark Street. Normally, I can get some clean shots (without cars) of the triangle lot from Clark Street, but on Saturday there weren't many gaps between cars. I arrived late in the day, after 3:30 p.m. It was 29 degrees (+21 wind chill). There were workers still on the job, but there were also work crews checking out for the day.It had been a week since my last visit, and I was surprised that more of the left-field bleacher steel structure hadn't been put up. It has been extremely cold the past week. It is quite possible that the weather might have effected the work schedule. There was still a large pile of gravel under the marquee. (I have previously posted photos.) The display signs along the upper deck on the first base and third base sides have both been removed. You can now clearly see the new addition to the press box, on the third-base side. This is for a control room for all the new digital display signs. I know some season-ticket holders were displaced as a result of this addition. I neglected to mention in my last photo postings that it does appear that the new inner bleacher wall, in the right-field corner, will be shorter than before. It looks like they have completed rebuilding the inner wall, to the south of Gate Q. You can see that the new wall is shorter than it used to be. You can gauge how high the wall used to be, by looking at where the yellow paint ends on the the RF foul pole.

David will return to the park sometime this week and we'll have more photos then. The note about the bleacher wall is undoubtedly true for the wall itself -- but there's also going to be a digital sign installed there. That means the height for a home run over the wall (and the sign) might remain the same as before.