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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 24

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In addition to David's photos, we've got info from the Cubs on the project.

BCB's David Sameshima returned to Wrigley Field Tuesday afternoon and filed this report on the state of the construction project:

I arrived just after 2:30 p.m. It was overcast and light flurries were coming down. It was 23 degrees (+8 wind chill). By the time I finished up in right field, it had stopped snowing, the sun had come out and the temperature had gone up to 27 degrees.There was a lot of work going on everywhere during my visit, except in right field. In fact, there was so much noise and pounding taking place in the triangle lot, it was throwing me off when I was taking photos. For many of the Waveland Avenue photos, I have the camera on a monopod held over the fence. I use the camera self timer, set for 10 seconds. I can tell when the photo is taken by listening for the shutter to go off, and feeling a slight vibration while holding the monopod. On Tuesday I had trouble hearing the shutter and sensing the slight monopod vibration. That has never happened before.They now have vertical support beams installed all along Waveland Avenue. There weren't installing any steel beams during my visit, but they were moving bits of steel along Waveland Ave. They haven't added anything to the patio behind center field.They have started installing the new digital display sign that's being added to the front of the upper deck. They were installing the first segment in the left-field corner. In some of my bleacher photos, in the background, you can see the scaffolding in the left-field and right-field corners, under the upper deck. I am wondering how far the new signs will be installed along each baseline.

For the first time, we've got a photo in which you can clearly see where the supports are going in for the video board (photo 21). I also wanted to pass along to you today this information that came from the Cubs about some construction that could cause some traffic issues in the neighborhood over the next week or so:

As part of the 1060 Project, a new broadcast center will be located at the corner of Clifton and Waveland. The center will become the home for all television networks and affiliates broadcasting Cubs games at Wrigley Field. Work is scheduled to begin [Wednesday] morning to install a broadcast cable bridge to facilitate communications between the ballpark and production teams during live game and event broadcasts. This bridge will be 17 feet high and will run over Waveland near Seminary. Access to Seminary from Waveland will be restricted while crews install the bridge. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the week. The temporary bridge is expected to remain in place for the 2015 season and will then be replaced by an underground cable connection.Work is also ongoing along Clark Street to prepare for the new Cubs clubhouse and plaza development. Beginning Monday, March 2, crews are scheduled to start relocating city street lights from the east side to the west side of Clark Street. Due to this work, traffic on Clark Street between Waveland and Patterson avenues will be reduced to one lane between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Crew members will control the flow of traffic. This work is scheduled to be completed by Wednesday, March 4.

The broadcast center location is where a parking lot was formerly located, immediately west of the Blue Lot. It'll be a bit unsightly to have that bridge over Waveland -- tall enough for tour buses and, more importantly, Engine Company 78's fire truck -- but as noted, it will just be for 2015 until they can relocate these cables underground. TV trucks used to park in the triangle lot, just west of the ballpark, and with the triangle lot being redone as a plaza, they needed to find another location for all this equipment.

David's hoping to get to Wrigley sometime today so we hope to have more photos here tomorrow.